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Explore Codereet's powerful editing technology and management tools.

Codereet  Play Ground

Anyone can freely enjoy playground in codereet.
Codereet playground allows two-way code editing and voice and video chat.
Now before you post coding questions on the Internet, you can create and share code here.
Getting started Playground

Codereet  Coding Test & Interview

In Codereet, SW team coding tests and online interviews are available.
Coding tests and interviews provide powerful web-based interviewing tools and management tools to test the skills of SW staff members, helping them to identify the right people at the right place and save on the cost of recruiting. Start and evaluate online coding tests and interviews.
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Why Codereet

Codereet's automated verification process saves money and time.

Powerful Code Editor
Web-based platform developed with standard technology provides professional development tool-level coding and interviewing tools
Collaboration coding
OT technology enables collaborative technology implementation
Automatic scoring
Automated scoring according to test case
Voice and video chat
Collaboration voice and video chat using WebRtc technology
Code Autocompletion
Professional development tool-level code auto-completion
Build Code
Perfect isolation of personalized execution environment, high security
Question Pool
Validated question pool and AI machine learning
Playback function to verify the process of thinking

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